What Path To Progress Clients are saying……

Our experience with Path to Progress has been nothing but positive since the moment we have walked through the door. Everyone has such a great positive attitude and has really helped us any way they could. My son has had huge progress since starting speech and occupational therapy here. The therapists all communicate very well and always give us things and ideas to keep up the progress at home. Along with the therapists, the staff have also always been friendly and welcoming. I would highly recommend Path to Progress for anyone that is looking for amazing therapists and staff!

                                                               -Wyatt’s Mommy

I really don’t know where to start about Path to Progress and the excellent staff that work there. When my son turned one, I realized that something just wasn’t connecting. I am a kindergarten teacher and I’m also a mother to an older sibling so I knew that my one year old wasn’t meeting milestones that were age appropriate. After discussion with the pediatrician, we decided that he needed speech screening. We also began services with BabyNet. My family knew Brittany through church so I was happy and felt safe with allowing someone that I knew to work with my son. After many trials and tests, Jax was diagnosed with Apraxia and Sensory Integration Disorder. Jax has been with Mrs. Brittany for 2 years now and began working with Mrs. Kim about a year ago. The work they have done has been nothing short of amazing. They set goals for him that were reachable. They worked one-on-one with him to individualize his instruction. And for me, most importantly, they gave myself and our family ways to help Jax at home. There were times when I couldn’t take Jax to certain events for fear of how he would react or what he would do, but Path to Progress has put Jax back to a place where he can be included. Jax went from no words, to one and two word phrases, to using complete sentences. The progress he has made in two years is nothing short of a miracle, but it is also with the help and support of Path to Progress and their team. On Jax’s third birthday we were released from Path to Progress and Jax is continuing to thrive and progress. I sincerely hope that if you are considering a speech therapist or occupational therapist, that you will consider Path to Progress…they have the best facilities and therapists around. They are willing to go the extra mile to help you and your families adjust to the specific needs of your child. They love them, encourage them, and protect them as if they were their own. You can’t find that kind of genuine care and compassion in most places. Path to Progress is a blessing and I hope you will find yourself just as blessed as we were to be a part of the PTP family!

– Jax’s Mommy

Path to Progress has been a huge blessing to our family.  My son has made tremendous progress with the OT services received.  We’ve received therapy services with other providers before but Path to Progress has BY FAR  made the biggest impact on my son.  He has sensory processing issues that make daily life a challenge.  Kim is very knowledgeable and has been able to systematically walk me through the things I can do to help regulate his sensory system so that one day he will learn to regulate it on his own.  He has made tremendous strides in tactile defensiveness, his oral aversion to food and significant improvement in fine motor skills.  Kim makes the most out of each therapy session and is extremely supportive and encouraging, not to mention my son LOVES going to therapy!
 – Ryan’s mommy